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At Loire Kayak, we focus on comfort, hygiene, performance and safety in order to offer you the best possible equipment to fully enjoy your outings on the Loire.

For all tastes, we provide you with a variety of equipment! Up to you ! Enjoy!


The minibuses we use are recent and perfectly maintained


The boats, paddles and vests provided are recent and CE-compliant


Vests and containers are washed and disinfected after each use


92% of our boats are produced in France and made of recyclable HDPE

Kayaks sit on top

Stable, manageable and unsinkable, these kayaks are suitable for all users… We rent these kayaks for all trips, with the following equipment: – Double paddles, – Floating aids (life jackets at European standard), – Adequate waterproof containers 42L or 55L per boat.

/ Treck de Dag

Steering boat for carrying more cargo on your trips. Location of a container on the back as well as the possibility of adding a waterproof bag to the front tip.
Capacity : 1 adult Length : 3,75 m Width : 0,82 m Weight: 32 kg Maximum weight : 170 kg

/ Taiki de Dag

Intermediate, it is both direct by its hull and manoeuvring by its length. It allows a greater operating range and benefits of comfort, quality navigation and lightness
Capacity : 1 person Length : 345 cm Width : 0,80 m Weight : 22 kg Maximum weight : 150 kg

/ Tribal de Dag

Genuine 3 places that can accommodate two adults and 1 child, under 12 years old..It is so easy that the entire family can use. Small trips, great walks or simple trip with friends! Lightweight and easy to use, it is the holiday boat
Capacity : 2 adults + 1 children <12 years old Length : 3,90 m Width : 0,90 m Weight : 35 kg Maximum weight : 250 kg


Stable and bearing, these canoes are the best for an adventure over several days! We rent these canoes for several days trips, for your comfort of practice we equip them with: – Simple paddles – Floating aids (lifejackets up to European standard), – Adequate 1 waterproof container (55 L or 42 L).

/ Prospector de Nova Craft 15.6′

This Canadian rivers and lakes canoe, is the all-purpose boat by excellence, its versatility allows it to behave well in all situations. Empty, it soars lightly on the water; fully loaded, it navigates safely and responds with each paddle stroke. Its good weight ability allows adding a third seat, while keeping its navigation skills
Capacity: 2 people Length : 4.72 m Width : 0,9 m Weight : 36 kg Maximum weight : jusqu’à 410 kg

/ Canadia de DAG

Based on wooden old boats, the CANADIA offers exceptionally comfortable seating for an ideal position. Two children can safely take place on the central seat, since it is the only unsinkable boat in its range. Accommodating up to 4 people and their equipment, it is the ideal companion for a family outing
Capacity : 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children <12 years old Length : 4.70 m Width : 0,93 m Weight : 45 kg Maximum weight : up to 320 kg

/ Broadland 16 de Sliverbirch

Building on the classic lines and proven design features of a traditional Prospector canoe, the Broadland is a true all-rounder and a true workhorse. The canoe is optimized to the chine, camber and sidewall profile of the original Prospector design to increase primary and secondary stability – making the Broadland a canoe that inspires confidence to paddle.
Capacity: 2 people and 1 child (< 12 years old) Length : 4.845 m Width : 0,934 m Weight : 38,5 kg

stand up paddles

Fast, stable, unsinkable and comfortable these stand up paddle are ideal to start safely We rent these Stand Up Paddle for an hour in front of our base or for small trips (6.5km / 11km). To ensure a comfortable practice we equip them with: – Adjustable simple pales – Floating aids (life jackets at European standard) – Adequate waterproof containers (3,5L).

/ Malibu 10’6 de Stroka

This inflatable sup is very stable and rigid (15 cm thick). This paddle will allow you to start and discover this activity. Malibu 10’6 is the ideal inflatable paddle to introduce your family.
Capacity : 1 person Length : 3.20 m Width : 0,82 m Weight : 10 kg

/ Touring 12’6 de Starboard

This rigid and tapered inflatable sup (15 cm thick) will allow you to achieve longer distances thanks to its shape allowing better glide. This board can also allow you to go hiking thanks to its two packaging locations.
Capacity : 1 person length : 3.81 m Width : 0,76,2 m Weight : 10 kg

/ SUP DUO de Sroka

Even more fun for two, this paddle tadem will allow you to walk around and have fun together. With its length and width, this SUP will be stable and will offer you the best conditions for a feeling of gliding. The SUP DUO will be available for rent on site.
Capacity : 2-3 people length : 4,87 m Width : 0,86 m Weight : 19 kg

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