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    Our equipment for our treks in kayak on the Loire

    Our Sit On Top Kayaks

    Our Sit On Top Kayaks - LoireKayak
    Our Sit On Top Kayaks - LoireKayak

    Stable, manageable and unsinkable, these kayaks are suitable for all users…

    We rent these kayaks for all trips, with the following equipment:
    – Double paddles,
    – Floating aids (life jackets at European standard),
    – Adequate waterproof containers 42L or 55L per boat.


    Our models :

    Nom Description Caractéristiques
    Treck de Dag Steering boat for carrying more cargo on your trips. Location of a container on the back as well as the possibility of adding a waterproof bag to the front tip. Capacity : 1 adult
    Length : 3,75 m
    Width : 0,82 m
    Weight: 32 kg
    Maximum weight : 170 kg
    Taiki by Dag Intermediate, it is both direct by its hull and manoeuvring by its length. It allows a greater operating range and benefits of comfort, quality navigation and lightness Capacity : 1 person
    Length : 345 cm
    Width : 0,80 m
    Weight : 22 kg
    Maximum weight : 150 kg
    Tribal by Dag Genuine 3 places that can accommodate two adults and 1 child, under 12 years old..It is so easy that the entire family can use. Small trips, great walks or simple trip with friends! Lightweight and easy to use, it is the holiday boat Capacity : 2 adults + 1 children <12 years old
    Length : 3,90 m
    Width : 0,90 m
    Weight : 35 kg
    Maximum weight : 250 kg
    Our trips
    Discover now our half day treks, full day treks and itinerant treks here
    Book directlty online or contact us by phone or by mail from the website
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