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Our treks in Canoe-kayak on the Loire
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Distance and timing
Price -12years


La Classique : Saint Dyé-Base Loire Kayak

11km – 1h45

25 €/pers

20 €/pers

Après midi

La Mini : Montlivault-Base Loire Kayak

6,5km – 1h00

20 €/pers

15 €/pers

La Classique : Saint Dyé-Base Loire Kayak

11km – 1h45

25 €/pers

20 €/pers


La Découverte : Cavereau-Base Loire Kayak

20km – 3h30

30 €/pers

25 €/pers

L’aventure : Base Loire Kayak-Chaumont

20km – 3h30

35 €/pers

30 €/pers

La Sportive : Saint Dyé-Chaumont

31km – 5h15

40 €/pers

Les mini randos

La Détente : Cavereau-Base Loire Kayak

20km – 1&1/2 days

45 €/pers

35 €/pers

L’Evasion : Saint Dyé sur Loire-Chaumont

31km – 1&1/2 days

50 €/pers

40 €/pers

Les randos itinérantes


40km – 2 days

60 €/pers

50 €/pers


58km – 2 or 3 days

90 €/pers

75 €/pers


72km – 3 or 4 days

120 €/pers

100 €/pers

Cavereau-Saint Etienne de Chigny

89km – 4 or 5 days

150 €/pers

125 €/pers


110km – 5 or 6 days

180 €/pers

150 €/pers

Cavereau-Chouzé sur Loire

130km – 6 or 7 days

210 €/pers

175 €/pers


149km – 6 or 8 days

240 €/pers

200 €/pers

Prices :

All prices are displayed per person including tax (20% VAT)

+3€/pers for stand up paddle (full day or half day only)

Reduced rate (-1€/person/day): groups of 10 to 19 people

Reduced rate (-2€/pers/day): groups of 20 people or more, students, job seekers


The time indicated is based on an average time without taking breaks (6km/h). It is given for information only, knowing that it may vary depending on water levels and people.

Materials provided:

The price of the services includes the transport of people by minibus, the rental of equipment as well as the briefing before departure.

For full-day or half-day trips we provide you with 1 or 2-seater sit-on-top kayaks, paddles, life jackets and a 42L waterproof container for 2 people.

For multi-day hikes, depending on availability, we provide you with 2 or 3-seater Canadian canoes or 1 or 2-seater sit-on-top kayaks, paddles, life jackets and a 55L waterproof container per person.


In the case of bad weather and bad hydrologic conditions, the rental owner can refuse the renting (without notice) under the only reservation of the repayment potentially paid. A cloudy or rainy weather is not a term of cancellation. If you want to stop your descent during the renting, we ‘ll try to get you back but no repayment of the deposit of the remaining days will be accepted.


In the event of a change of date, time or pick-up location at the request of the tenant, the rental company will respond within its availability; however, these changes may be invoiced (travel costs).

Method of payment: Credit cards, Visa, Mastercard and cash.

You got a question ?

You prefer to have us on the phone to book, you have questions, you want to discuss with us, do not hesitate.

We are at your disposal to organize your outing on the Loire.

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