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    Balades en Kayak sur la Loire

    Our treks in Canoe-kayak on the Loire

    Itinerant treks

    Itinerant treks - LoireKayak
    Itinerant treks - LoireKayak
    Itinerant treks - LoireKayak
    Itinerant treks - LoireKayak
    Itinerant treks - LoireKayak
    Itinerant treks - LoireKayak

    Trekking in a canoe or kayak on the Loire can be planned from a minimum duration of 1 day and a half. With 20 km explored per day, or about 4 hours, you will be able to wander around and take breaks to visit the region or simply observe the environment that surrounds you. Get on board for an adventure with food, drinks and all the equipment necessary to spend your nights in campsites, cottages, bed and breakfast, hotels or bivouacs. An escape from modernity, return to the sources, unique emotions and 100% natural pleasure and relaxation await you. Remember before or after your trek, to visit Blois (Castle, Museum, old town…)

    Our several day treks in canoes on the Loire (2 days and more)
    We offer the programs below, from 2 to 8 days in itinerant trek, which can be customized depending on your project.


    Day 1: Cavereau-Base Loire Kayak: 20 km

    During your day: you will pass at the foot of the château de Colliers, Church of Saint Dyé sur Loire (former port of Chambord), village of Cour sur Loire and the Château de Menars.
    Overnight / Bivouac: Camping Val de Blois (200 m from the base), tent or chalet, hotel, cottages, bed and breakfast… (You can retrieve your vehicle in the parking lot at our base)
    Visit: Châteaux of Chambord, Cheverny and Blois, bicycle ride (rental on-site).


    Day 2: Base Loire Kayak-Chaumont: 20 km

    You will go through Blois and pass by the Port de la Creusille, where you will observe the traditional boats of the Observatoire Loire, arrival at Chaumont sur Loire.
    Overnight / Bivouac: Camping of Chaumont sur Loire, hotel and cottages.

    Visit : Château et Jardins de Chaumont sur Loire.


    Day 3: Chaumont-Amboise: 18 km

    You will pass at the foot of the châteaux of Chaumont sur Loire and Amboise.
    Overnight / Bivouac: Camping de l’Ile d’Or (Amboise), hotel and cottages.
    Visit: Château d’Amboise, Clos Lucé (last house of Leonardo de Vinci).


    Day 4: Amboise-Vouvray: 14 km

    A few kilometres after Amboise, you will pass at the foot of Montlouis sur Loire.
    Overnight / Bivouac: Camping des Peupliers (Montlouis sur Loire), Camping Le Bec de Cisse (Vouvray), hotel and cottages.
    Visit: Troglodyte’s caves of Montlouis/Loire.


    Day 5: Vouvray-Saint Etienne de Chigny: 17 km

    You will pass at the foot of troglodytes houses of Rochecorbon then go through the city of Tours.
    Overnight / Bivouac: Camping des Granges (Luynes), bed and breakfast
    Visit: Old City of Tours, Château de Luynes.


    Day 6 : Saint Etienne de Chigny – Bréhémont : 21km

    You’ll see the Langeais’s bridge before Bréhémont.
    Overnight / Bivouac : Camping Loire et Châteaux (Bréhémont), Hotel, bed and breakfasts
    Visit : Tour de Cinq Mars la Pile, Château de Langeais.


    Day 7 : Bréhémont – Chouzé sur Loire : 20km

    You’ll see la Chapelle sur Loire.
    Overnight / Bivouac : Camping de Chouzé sur Loire, hotel, bed and breakfasts
    Visit : Château de Rigny-Ussé


    Day 8: Chouzé sur Loire-Saumur: 19 km

    You will go through the village of Candes Saint Martin then Montsoreau, before arriving on the Ile de Millocheau in the heart of Saumur, where we will come and pick you up at the end of your trek.            Visit: Montsoreau, its castle and its troglodyte caves, Château de Saumur.


    Plan randos itinérantes

    Download the High Definition map

    Organization :

    Reception at the Loire Kayak base 45 min before the departure of the shuttle, or the day before your departure at the end of the day, in order to do the formalities before your departure and to equip you (lifejacket, 1 dry container of 55L per person ) before going to discover the Loire and its landscapes. You can leave your car in the free car park at the base in Vineuil. The shuttle will drop you off with your boats to the starting point of the Cavereau. After your first day of canoeing, stop at the Loire Kayak base, you will have access to your car (stuff, shopping, visits, …).
    Convenient ! … Camping Val de Blois, located on the base of the Lac de Loire welcomes you with your tent or in a rental accommodation for your nights before, during or after your canoe trip to continue the discovery of the Loire Valley and Loir et Cher.
    At the end of your treck, we will pick you up at the meeting point at the scheduled time to get you back to the base at the end of the afternoon.
    For your nights, we advise you to prefer camping accommodation near the Loire, or bivouac on vegetated islands and the river banks. You can also organize your nights on the Loire by booking a hotel or a bed and breakfast.
    To supply, you will find towns and villages throughout your journey.


    Materials provided :

    Sit-on kayaks (1 or 2 seaters) or Canadian canoes 2 or 3 seaters (extra charge of 3 € / pers / day) for multi-day canoe-kayak excursions and a 42L or 55L dry box per person, a lifejacket and a paddle.


    Do not forget :

    Camping equipment, headlamp, pharmacy case, system to secure your boats (padlock + cables or bike lock…), … and download our app HERE

    Pratioque Loire Kayak

    Convenient !
    You will be able to buy on site : sunscreen, kayak and canoe neoprene shoes, waterproof cover for phone, waterproof bags, eyeglass cords and padlocks to secure your boats.

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